Marianne McNally

Marianne McNally has built a successful Real Estate career with over 12 years in the business. Many awards have been earned along the way. In her 1st year she earned Rookie of the Year! The following years have brought her many honors due to her loyal clients. Marianne started her Real Estate business through contacts she made while co-owning All Jazzed Up Hair and Nail Salon here in Salem for 16 years. The salon business provided Marianne with the knowledge of how to run a business and how to make personal connections with her clients. Bringing those experiences to Real Estate was her next step. She has a natural knack of being a good listener to her clients, discovering what their wants and needs are, and then finding just the right property for each buyer. She also knows just how to market each individual home for her sellers. She hasn’t looked back since!

Marianne was born in Portland and moved to Salem in 1977 when she was in 7th grade. She attended Leslie Middle School and then graduated from South Salem High School in 1983. While attending South Salem High she met Dan McNally whom she married in February 1989. Together they started a business in 1990 and then bought their 1st house in 1991. Not too long after buying their 1st home came a family In April 1993 as their son, Kyle, was born. Then in August of 1997 Dan, Marianne and Kyle welcomed a baby girl, Erin into their home. Dan and Marianne have been active in their children lives as Marianne was Kyle’s Boy Scout Den Leader, Dan was Basketball coach for both the kids’ youth teams and volleyball coach for their daughters youth team. Marianne doesn’t miss a game or special event in her kids’ lives. Their son Kyle graduated from Sprague High School in 2011, where he had a successful basketball career with his team. He received an academic & basketball scholarship to Willamette University, Dan’s Alma mater. He is currently in his sophomore year. Kyle is still playing basketball and Mom & Dad are always in the stands to cheer him and the team on during their games. Erin is attending South Salem High School, studying in the IB Program; the same school were her Mom & Dad met. She is currently in her sophomore year, having a very successful career so far with her volleyball and basketball teams. Who knows, maybe she will find Mr. Right there like her Mom did.

2013 marks Marianne’s 3rd year as a breast cancer survivor. She is feeling great and getting stronger every day. Having breast cancer was a blessing in disguise for Marianne. She took a step back and looked at her life. Things that were important before, were not as important anymore. Creating friendships took on a greater meaning. Caring for people was now a focus, like the care she received from her family and friends during her treatment. Keeping her family number one was on the fore front of her mind, not taking anything for granted anymore. Marianne works her business in a way that she has the best of both worlds, closely working with her clients and staying connected with her family and friends. This is something that can be lost in the hustle and bustle of living busy lives.

Giving back to the community has always been important to Marianne. For 9 years she ran the food drive for the Salem Association of Realtors. She also organized the Red Cross Blood Drive every 60 days for 8 years at the company she previously worked. Marianne now volunteers with a non-profit organization to help under privileged women through their breast cancer journeys. Marianne wants all women to have the care, guidance and love that she was given through her journey. Marianne is thankful that she has a chance to once again help others! Paramount Real Estate is so proud to have Marianne on board.

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