Karisa Patton

Born and raised in Salem Oregon, Karisa has some deep roots to the area. Belonging to a family of century farmers and generations of local business owners, she is no stranger to hard work and putting the client first. She grew up around the Real Estate world as well as her grandma and aunt both worked for a local Real Estate mogul. Karisa learned a lot as a child from her mom, as she was also a Realtor for many years, and would often attend open houses and showings with her. Many of her family members were also contractors so Karisa learned a lot about other aspects of this industry. 

Karisa also worked many years in the restaurant business helping her develop great customer service skills and the ability to enjoy a variety of personality types. Karisa saw the value of home ownership as she bought her first property in February of 2008 at the early age of 21. As a natural born leader, in 2018 she decided to enter into her Real Estate career as she wanted to help people realize the long term benefits of home ownership. 

Karisa and her husband Ben have 3 wonderful children; 2 teenage boys and their little sis who keeps them on their toes. Everyone knows who rules the roost at their house! In her spare time she enjoys DIY house projects, doing activities with her kids, Total Disney, working out, and is a Sci-Fi nerd.
Karisa treats all her clients like family.  It is important for her to get to know her clients’ families, kids, lives, hobbies, likes, dislikes, short term goals, long term goals, etc.  The more she can learn about her clients, as she puts herself in their shoes, the better she is able to help them as she sees things through their eyes.  She also wants to encourage them to think of situations they have not thought of before.  She strives to make the process of home buying and selling as easy as possible and have a memorable experience.

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