Mountee the Bear

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Mountee is not a Broker at Paramount Real Estate, but he may be the most admired. Everywhere he goes, he seems to light up the eyes of everyone around him. Mountee enjoys being around adults, but he absolutely loves children. He gets so excited every time kids come up to him to give him a hug or a high five. Those smiles that he receives keeps him going.

Mountee feels that it is important to be a great role model for kids. Mountee prides himself on having a lot of fun with people, but also being respectful. He feels that it is important for kids to love & obey their parents and for them to work hard to accomplish their dreams and goals. He values a good education and hopes that every child aspires to do well in the classroom. Mountee is named after Mount Hood, which is the inspiration of Paramount’s logo. Mountee strives to be strong and majestic, just like his namesake. If you see Mountee around, make sure to greet him and give him a high five if you can.

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