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In Baylor Men’s Basketball coach Scott Drew’s book, “The Road to J.O.Y.” he lays out the foundations of their team’s culture. Seeking out other coaches who have incorporated the same focus like Dabo Sweeney from Clemson’s football program and Indianapolis Colt’s Tony Dungy, Scott explains the keys to their priorities. Jesus, Others, Yourself. Going from a team murder situation & coach cover-up to winning the NCAA National Basketball Championship in 18 years is all contributed to this culture. In the midst of the foundation of their culture, they find joy in every day situations; within the wins, within the NCAA sanctions & within the losses. It is this culture that we attempt to live out in our company as we navigate the many challenges to this industry. Culture is the most important aspect to any company. All companies have their tools, transaction systems, CRMs, etc.; and it seems that most companies are competing on how cheap they can become. We are not the cheapest, but we believe we bring the most value. In competing in this industry our main focus will always be culture. The proper culture is where everyone can thrive, breaking all barriers and succeeding past any goals that are set. We invite you to take a close look at our culture, systems and our value proposition.

Similar to gyms who attract members who do not use the facility, but continue to pay their monthly fee; many Real Estate brokerage houses are designed to attract brokers who have similar mindsets, only to increase the size of their membership. Most of these people do little Real Estate and are not equipped to represent people making one of the largest decisions in their lives. A consequence of this is that these brokerages create reputations for themselves within the industry of not being professional and career minded for the ones who are representing the brand. For career Real Estate brokers who manage enough business, our model gives you more value! We are selective in who we work with as not every Broker is welcomed.

At Paramount Real Estate Services, we offer more in the full service industry, and only desire to affiliate with the brightest and most competent experienced Real Estate brokers. Our culture is our biggest asset as we have abundant mindsets encouraging each other to success. We commit to the Ninja Selling System and have a great time doing it. We have implemented the Paramount Way that offers an array of marketing tools and suggestions to encourage success. We encourage all of our Executive Brokers to be full time, career-minded Real Estate professionals. While most companies are hiring hobbyists and people who are dabbling in Real Estate part time, you can count on Paramount to have experienced Executive Brokers. Paramount Real Estate continues to raise the bar on professionalism and integrity within our industry. The values that we hold dear to our hearts are recognized to set us apart from our competition. As most companies are hiring anyone that shows interest in Real Estate, Paramount requires our Executive Brokers to gain experience in selling real property and the wisdom & fortitude to advocate for our clients in the largest financial representation of their lives. Our brokers also adhere to our Paramount Creed to live up to standards that are often not found in our industry. We have the absolute best office manager & transaction coordinator/assistant in the business. Jamie Unger has over 20 years experience assisting brokers with transactional details, advertising & marketing. She is here to ensure your success.

Experienced, Integrity, Professional, Generous, Competent, Caring, Community Driven, Honest, Positive, Polished! These are the words that describe our brokers. As we provide the foundation for a professional company with full integrity, we also have designed our business model with the Real Estate broker in mind. Our industry is highly regulated and taxed, so we sought out to create very competitive financial overhead plans in the industry. Our model is Broker-Focused giving more control to each individual agent without sacrificing a team environment.

Paramount Real Estate offers very competitive commission plan structures and incentives for our brokers. We like to keep things simple and not nickel and dime our brokers for add-ons. We believe that each broker should have the freedom to invest in additional programs and services as they choose. Paramount Real Estate Services does not have a corporate or franchise fee, and Paramount offers what the cut-rate, discount companies don’t. Why work hard only to pad the pockets of millionaires like the Berkshire Hathaway Executives, the Realogy Executives (Coldwell Banker, Sotheby’s, ERA, Century 21, Better Homes & Garden), the Re/Max Executives, the RealtyOne Executives, & the Keller Williams Executives. When only 2% of customers care what company you work for, the value of paying large amounts of money to corporate executives & staff as well as for high priced office buildings is fleecing. This is a relationship business, and here at Paramount Real Estate; we focus on what is important in gaining and maintaining the trust and loyalty of our brokers and clients. Compare our plans & culture to any other full service company in the market!

Get More! Professional & personal office space, competent Principal Broker support, virtual tour platform (nonbranded example) (branded example), professional & personal Broker website (plans A & B), assistant/transaction coordinator, office & marketing materials, easy paperless & mobile transaction system.

Executive Broker Plan A

This is our premium plan and is designed for agents who want to take more control of their financial situation.

$1200/month Company Fee + $395 Transaction Fee (includes Assistant & Transaction Coordinator services & Principal Broker Support & Review)

Includes: Personal & customizable web site (example), Customizable Virtual Tour Platform, Office Space, Desk, Chair, Office network capabilities, Conference Room amenities, Kitchenette

Executive Broker Plan B

This plan is designed to offer an alternative commission structure for those who would like to have the flexibility of not having a company fee. Plan caps out at $22,000 per year.

Commission structure is negotiable, however is based on performance, business planning and effort.

Negotiable 10%-40% Company commission Split + $395 Transaction Fee (includes Assistant & Transaction Coordinator & Principal Broker Support & Review)

Includes: Personal & customizable web site, Customizable Virtual Tour Platform, Office Space, Desk, Chair, Office network capabilities, Conference Room amenities, Kitchenette

Commission fee caps out to company, however transaction fee continues to apply for transaction management services.

Satellite Executive Broker Plan

This plan is specially designed for agents who live outside of the area and are not able to commute into the office.

$850/month Company Fee + $395 Transaction Fee (includes Transaction Coordinator & Principal Broker review)

Includes: Customizable Virtual Tour Platform, Conference Room amenities, Work station areas, Kitchenette, Customizable & Personal web site is available for a $500 fee.

Executive Team Structure

$1200/month Company Fee for Team Leader + $500/month for each licensed Associate Broker for the first 2 additional brokers. Additional 3rd & 4th brokers are only $250/month + $395 Transaction Fee (includes Transaction Coordinator & Principal Broker review. Teams are limited to 5 brokers total.)

Includes: Personal & customizable team web site, Customizable Virtual Tour Platform, 1 Office Space, Desk, Chair, Office network capabilities, Conference Room amenities, Work station areas, Kitchenette, Control over team commission structure.

* All sales to be reported under the team leader.

Additional Benefits

What are you worth? Your assistant’s job is to take on much of the mundane, but necessary duties that bog you down and decrease your productivity. Take control of your career and allow your assistant to relieve much of the pressure. The assistant’s duties may include, but are not limited to, retrieving signatures, organizing paperwork and files, preparing transaction paperwork, MLS information, uploads photos and virtual tours into MLS & designs personal listing web site tours, designs flyers and postcards, orders home warranties, opens escrow and ensures paperwork is delivered, prepares commission demands, communicates with clients, lenders & escrow, performs marketing & branding duties, ensures quality control, etc. For Teams & Satellite plans, the transaction coordinator duties are limited without some assistant provisions.

Total of $395 per closed transaction fee includes Transaction Coordinator & Principal Broker Support.

There is a small company charge for professional referrals to brokers.

There is no company charge for BPOs or compensation for Market Analyses.

*$395 closed transaction fee always applies. Website maintenance, domains, hosting, security, customizing; as well as dues, memberships and other services to be the responsibility of each broker. *Plans/fees are subject to change by management.

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